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Oasis Coriander Seeds
Oasis Coriander Seeds

Oasis Coriander Seeds

Citrus, Earthy, Fresh Herbs

Size: 0.5 lb Bag

Organically grown, Egyptian Coriander is an ancient staple and well loved due to its versatility. Our Oasis Coriander Seeds have a zesty, herbal, and fresher citrusy notes when ground raw and full of depth nutty flavors when toasted - a two-for-one powerhouse you'll want in your kitchen.


Organic coriander seeds


Faiyum, Egypt

The Faiyum Oasis is fertile basin of the Western Desert, southwest of Cairo in the Nile River Valley. Its vast Lake Qarun—the third-largest in Egypt—nourishes many crops, including figs, grapes, olives and coriander, an herb prized by ancient Egyptians as a digestive aid and rheumatism reliever (coriander seeds were found in Egyptian tombs). Our coriander is organically grown and harvested two weeks after the seeds of the bright-green, slender-stalked plant turn light brown. The seeds are then dried under the hot sun to develop their lemony flavor and floral sweetness.

Tips for Success

  • Coriander is a great spice for toasting as it brings out nutty flavors but if you want the fresher citrusy notes to shine you can grind raw.
  • You can also gently fry this spice in oil until it crackles and serve whole for some texture.
  • The oils within coriander seeds disperse best in oil.


Is coriander and cilantro the same thing?

Yes! Coriander seeds are the seeds of the cilantro plant. In the US, cilantro refers to the plant’s leaves and stems.

What health benefits is coriander good for?

Coriander may help boost heart health, lower blood pressure, promote gut health, boost immune system and more.(https://m.timesofindia.com/life-style/food-news/coriander-seed-and-its-health-benefits/articleshow/68114193.cms)

How do you eat coriander seeds?

Ground coriander seeds are common in curries and sauces while whole seeds are perfect to add texture to salads or roasted veggies. Get the most out of this spice by toasting in a pan until fragrant.

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