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How We Source

Only the Best

Any good cook knows that a delicious and nourishing meal starts with the best ingredients. But what does “the best” actually mean?

At Spice Tribe, we believe the most flavorful ingredients are grown or foraged by passionate artisan farmers. These are people who understand the importance of regenerating the soil, protecting the balance of ecosystems, and keeping their heirloom produce as close as possible to what nature intended.

Healthy Planet, Healthy People:

When we put the health of the earth and people over profit and exploitation, we can begin to reverse some of the damage already done.

We believe that healing the planet, our communities, and ourselves starts in the kitchen by using mindfully sourced ingredients.

Straight from the Source

We work directly with farmers, nonprofit organizations, and agricultural cooperatives to obtain spices directly from the people who grow them.

This practice ensures our ingredients are the freshest and most flavorful possible, and also allows us to uphold our high standards of sustainability and equity.

Why It Matters

Buying our ingredients directly from the source has a multitude of benefits for us, for the farmers, and for you.

It matters for us because we can cut out the many middlemen that cloud the integrity of the ingredients.

It matters to farmers because the nonprofits and coops we work with teach farmers sustainable practices that save them money and protect the environment. Also, sourcing direct means we pay our farmers higher than fair trade wages

It matters to you because when we purchase our farmers’ annual harvests, they ship directly to us. That means you get incredibly fresh ingredients that haven’t been sitting in a warehouse for years.

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