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Mombacho Café Nicaraguan Blend

Mombacho Café Nicaraguan Blend

Espresso- Citrus Adobo Blend

Size: 1 lb Bag

Mombacho Café is a Nicaraguan espresso-citrus adobo blend inspired by an adventure through Mombacho Volcano’s coffee plantation and the grilled street food of Granada. Subtle hints of espresso, garlic, cumin, oregano and citrus pair very nicely with pork and chicken. This spice blend is made for the BBQ lover, crafted to let the meat itself shine through. Also delicious in braises, beans, rice and many other dishes.

No Additives, GMOs, Or Fillers, No Salt



Orange peel

Black Pepper




Lemon peel

Lime peel


Inspired by Granada, Nicaragua

In the dense cloud forest that hangs from Nicaragua’s Mombacho Volcano, coffee plants grow wildly, thriving in the cool mist. Back on the ground in the nearby city of Granada, cafes honor the hallowed crop with an impossibly smooth brew. In my memory, the tempting bouquet of coffee roast is entwined with the equally inviting aroma of zesty mojo-marinated pork sizzling on a streetside charcoal grill. Mombacho Café is a flashback in flavor form: A classic Latin American adobo seasoning—garlic, black pepper and oregano—blended with coffee and citrus peels for complexity that’s robust and slightly bitter. In its presence, dishes destined for caramelization—from roasted carrots to pork loin glazed with a reduction of apple cider and honey—are never the same again.

Tips for Success

  • Clumping is normal as we don’t use anti caking agents or salt. If clumping occurs simply break apart with your hands before seasoning..
  • Try not to pour spices out of the jar over a steaming pot or pan as the steam can get in the jar and cause further clumping..
  • For maximum flavor make sure to use with salt.
  • Ground spices can burn quickly so make sure to use oil to help distribute the heat more evenly when making a rub..


How do you use this blend?

Here are just a few ideas: Pork chops, beans, use as you would adobo seasoning, mix with butter, apple cider vinegar, and honey to make a glaze for pork or chicken, sautéed seafood, Latin American or Caribbean cuisine.

Where does the name come from?

This blend was inspired by Mombacho Volcano in Nicaragua and our inspiring guide Carlos. He was a child during the Nicaraguan Revolution and faced incredible tragedy with his family members being killed and surviving multiple gunshot wounds. Despite these hardships his positivity and appreciation for life were contagious and he was incredibly proud to show us country. We visited the jungle coffee plantations on Mombacho Volcano and ate our way through his favorite street food spots. This blend captures the aromas of the espresso and the citrus garlic marinaded meats grilling on every corner of Granada.

What’s in it?

This blend is salt free and made of non gmo spices. No additives or fillers. Ingredients: Roasted garlic, Orange peel, Black pepper, Espresso, Cumin, Mexican oregano, Meyer lemon peel, Lime peel, Coriander


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