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Ancient Halaby Middle Eastern Chile Blend
Ancient Halaby Middle Eastern Chile Blend

Ancient Halaby Middle Eastern Chile Blend

Aleppo Chile and Sumac Blend

Size: 1 lb Bag

Ancient Halaby is a blend of Aleppo chiles and sumac, a citrus-ey berry native to the Middle East. This blend is a tribute to the resilient and inspiring people of this land. A delicious addition to seafood, chicken and even lamb, it is one of the first spice blends I ever made and will forever be one of my favorites.

No Additives, GMOs, Or Fillers, No Salt


Aleppo pepper






Lemon peel




Inspired by Syria, Lebanon

The sunkissed Aleppo pepper—also known was the halaby pepper—comes from my family’s native Syria. You’ll recognize the prized ingredient as the raisiny background of Ancient Halaby, which also combines other classic Middle Eastern spices like crimson-hued sumac, lemony and bright, plus the unmistakable earthiness of smoked paprika for a robust blend. As a 24-hour dry marinade for a roast leg of lamb, Ancient Halaby makes tantalizing shawarma to rival Lebanon’s legendary vertical spits. As a finishing spice for a traditional fattoush salad, it beams brightness and warmth onto the cool toss of crisp cucumbers, mint, scallions and parsley. And as a cocktail rimmer mixed with our crushed pink Peruvian salt sourced from the Andes, it gives a famous Baja-born libation—the margarita—blessings from age-old civilizations.

Tips for Success

  • Clumping is normal as we don’t use anti caking agents or salt. If clumping occurs simply break apart with your hands before seasoning.
  • Try not to pour spices out of the jar over a steaming pot or pan as the steam can get in the jar and cause further clumping.
  • For maximum flavor make sure to use with salt.
  • Ground spices can burn quickly so make sure to use oil to help distribute the heat more evenly when making a rub.


How do you use this blend?

Here are just a few ideas! Rub for chicken, lamb or seafood, roast vegetables with olive oil and lemon, Mediterranean style sofrito, stews, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food, mix with yogurt to make a quick sauce.

Where does the name come from?

This blend was inspired by my Arab ancestors from Lebanon and Syria. My grandfather passed away when I was 9 and many of the recipes and stories about our ancestors went with him. I use food as a way to learn about my ancestors. Halab is the Arabic for Aleppo which was one of the largest trading hubs in Syria during the spice trade. We use Aleppo pepper as the base of this blend also known as Halaby pepper. The chile sumac blend is a homage to my Levantine ancestors.

What’s in it?

This blend is salt free and made of non gmo spices. No additives or fillers. Ingredients: Aleppo pepper, Paprika, Sumac, Coriander, Garlic, Lemon peel, Thyme, Cumin.


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