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Pimentón De La Vera – Smoked Spanish Paprika

Pimentón De La Vera – Smoked Spanish Paprika

Oak, Barbecue, Sweet Peppers

Size: 1 lb Bag

Smoked Spanish Paprika is a staple in Spanish cuisine and for good reason: it's powerful, smokey, and sweet. Coming from an esteemed agricultural provision in Spain, it's color, flavor, and freshness are bound to leave a lasting impression.

No Additives, GMOs, Or Fillers, No Salt


DOP Sweet Spanish smoked paprika powder


Extremadura, Spain

For over a century our partner farm has been cultivating ñora peppers for pimentón in Extremadura, Spain, a storied region dubbed the “Spanish Wild West” for its high concentration of Old World conquistadors. Picked at peak autumnal ripeness, the peppers are smoked over oak wood for two weeks, during which the farmer turns over the fruit by hand once daily. Milling is equally unhurried—the smoked peppers are slowly stone-ground to maintain sweetness (metal grinders can burn and bitter). Our pimentón has the Denominacion de Origen, a prestigious distinction for Spain’s finest agricultural provisions.

Tips for Success

The compounds in paprika disperse flavor and color well in oil. Smoked paprika is ground fine which is susceptible to burn easier than coarse ground spices. If this spice is burnt the bitter flavors will increase because it already has a Smokey aroma.


Is pimenton and paprika the same thing?

Pimenton is a type of paprika powder that is made in Spain often using Nora peppers and smoking over oak for nearly 2 weeks to get the deep Smokey flavor it is famous for.

Is pimenton spicy?

Pimenton comes in sweet, bittersweet, or spicy. Ours is of the sweet variety.

How do you use pimenton?

Pimenton is used frequently is Spanish recipes or anywhere you want a deep red color and bold Smokey flavor. Great as a rub, on potatoes, eggs or sauces!

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